Radio Audience (short movie - 2012) – post production
40 min. • Comedy • July 2012 (Italy)
In a local radio station close to the closing, two terrorists burst taking hostage the DJs,threatening to kill them if their demands are not accepted. While the director fears for his life and that of his colleagues, the perfidious president encourages the action of the terrorists because sees that from hour to hour the radio listeners are more and more increasing, creating a vortex of tension devoted only to reach audience.
Director: Raffaele Totaro

Writers: Alessandro Timpanaro, Raffaele Totaro


Edoardo Ripoli Director
Raffaele Totaro Terrorist 1
Alessandro Timpanaro President
Federico Castellani Terrorist 2
Adriano Davi DJ Paolo
Chiara Nenciarini DJ Martina
Andrea Balestri Don Ercole
Giacomo Carolei Alfredo
Massimo Antichi Police inspector
Sergio Forconi Granfather
Andrea Agresti Prisoner
Ciccio Toccafondi Ciccio
Massimo Di Stefano Massimo
Massimo Bianchi Loppa
Lorenzo Lurci Bracco
Giada Berti Giada
Stefano Martinelli Stefanino
Andrea Selloni Sella
Raffaele Totaro
Marco Berti

Executive producers
Leonardo Monfardini
Alessio Biagioni

Santi Finocchi

Camera operator
Marco Berti

Original subject
Raffaele Totaro

Original screenplay
Alessandro Timpanaro

Damiano Cialdi

Planters Punch
Punition Babek

Production secretary
Sara Marini

Production assistant
Leonardo Monfardini
Massimo Di Stefano
Demis Speranza
Country: Italy
Language: Italian
Release date: July 2012 (Italy)
Filming location: Radio Insieme Studios, Prato, Tuscany, Italy – Pistoia, Tuscany, Italy – Lucca, Tuscany, Italy

Technical specs
Runtime: 40 min. (approx.)
Sound mix: Stereo 2.0
Color: Color
Aspect Ratio: 1.78:1

Company credits
Production co.: WiP Films
Partnership: BiagioniMedia, Radio Insieme