Conquest (short movie - 2011)
12 min. • Comedy • 7 march 2011 (Italy)
Inspired by Pattie Page’s song “Conquest”, it tells about the story of a Conquer out to catch a prey but, in the strange way thing happen, their role was reversed.
Stefano Cavalli
Writers: Stefano Cavalli, Lorenzo Ferrante


Francesco Salerno The Conquer
Serena Polpini The Prey
Lorenzo Mosti Bartender
Lorenzo Lepori Customer 1
Raffaele Totaro Customer 2
Fabio Macchini Customer 3
Lorenzo Ferrante Customer 4 (aka the Magician)
Carlo La Gamba Customer 5 (aka the “Audience”)
Emanuele Maraviglia Customer 6 (aka the Sleeper)
Massimiliano Breschi 3 MemBros. trumpet
Alberto Pintus 3 MemBros. guitar
Andrea Pagnini 3 Membros. singer
Valentina Mei Fighting girl 1
Giulia Pollastrini Fighting girl 2
Stefania Barsanti Fighting girl 3
Stefano Cavalli
Lorenzo Ferrante
Leonardo Monfardini

Executive producer
Leonardo Monfardini
Stefano Cavalli

Original subject
Lorenzo Ferrante

Original screenplay
Stefano Cavalli


Soundtrack audio engineer
Sara Parigiani

Make up
Sabrina Buti

Fight coreograped by
Francesco Palladino
Country: Italy
Language: Italian
Release date: 7 march 2011 (Italy) – 20 may 2011 (Festival de Cannes, France)
Filming location: Massa e Cozzile, Pistoia, Tuscany, Italy

Technical specs
Runtime: 12 min. (approx.)
Sound mix: Stereo 2.0
Color: Color
Aspect Ratio: 1.78:1

Company credits
Production co.: WiP Films
Partnership: FEDIC Cineclub Montecatini
Distribution: WiP Films
Budget: 1000 €